Discover the 4 steps of our manufacturing process

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All of our products come from a careful selection of organic ingredients that are dried directly in the location where they have been grown.

We look for the best of what nature can offer us: vitamins, antioxidants, fibre, minerals…

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All of our recipes are original and designed especially for the Fruits Détendus by our chef, an expert in healthy nutrition.

Every one of our creations is a mini concentration of culinary and creative innovation.

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Our products contain no preservatives or added sugar. We bind our ingredients using exclusively natural product : fruit purée or the mucilage from seeds. Mucilage is a vegetal substance which swells when in contact with water, taking on a viscous consistency.

With Fruits Détendus, no added sugar means less guilt and more eating!

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None of our products are cooked but are simply dehydrated, this preserves all of the nutrients that are naturally present in the fruit.

By dehydrating at a low temperature, we are able to obtain the best taste and the purest nutrition.