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Les Fruits Détendus

Sugar and gluten-free granola snack for a yummy breakfast

Granola Fruit figue abricot Granola sans gluten - Double granola Fraise framboise

Granolas and crackers to snack!

For your biggest pleasure our granolas also exist in individual-size. Got a craving for breakfast on the run? A healthy, tasty and energetic snack? This size is made for you!

Thanks to our expertise in healthy diet, we also offer you an assortment of 100% natural crackers, made from seeds, nuts and spices.

Sweet or salty, fall in love for our delicious, organic and vegan snacks that accompany you everywhere! From the sweet break to the aperitive!

Granola Bio-Smoothie bowl kiwi épinard banane granola chocolat noisette

Sweet snacks